About us

The Kendo Federation of Trinidad & Tobago & The Shoshin Kendo Dojo began in 2004, founded by Eddy Devisse (5th Dan Kendo, pictured). He is the instructor of the dojo and coach of the national T&T Kendo team.

Mr. Devisse has been practicing Kendo, initially in Canada, Japan & USA since 1989. In the last decade he has had the opportunity to train or compete in France, South Africa, Canada, USA, Central & South America and various parts of the Caribbean.

The KFTT is recognized as the only Kendo organization in T&T by the International Kendo Federation (FIK – 国際剣道連盟) & the Confederação Latino-Americana de Kendo (CLAK).

The KFTT welcomes all persons ages 14 and up, regardless of ability, to join & practice Kendo.