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Kendo Classes

Most of our classes are held in POS. Check our FB page for the latest locations.


Kids Kendo - 8-16 yrs

Classes are offered around the country. More information to come.


Kendo for Beginners - 16 yrs and up

A two-month program for beginners aimed at introducing the basic concepts of Kendo to people with or without experience in martial arts. Open to all ages and levels of fitness. Great way to get back in shape!


Kendo kata - 16 yrs and up

A two-month program of very low physical intensity where you will learn some basics techniques and forms (kata). A good introduction to Kendo if you are hesitant or have physical limitations.


Intermediate & Advance classes

Classes are held 2-3 times per week for students who have successfully passed the beginners classes. To achieve the higher ranks, a student is expected to train at least 2 times per week.